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Faculty Services

Scheduling an Information Literacy Session

The libraries provide hands-on, assignment-driven instructional library research sessions in support of the information literacy skills of our students. Select the form for your campus below.

For more information, contact information literacy librarian Mary Beth Parkinson at mparkins@mc3.edu or (215) 619-7480. At West Campus contact librarian Kevin Strunk atkstrunk@mc3.edu or (610) 718-1912.

IL Session Request Forms

Links about information literacy

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Integrate the Library into Blackboard

Topic Description
Link to EBSCO database articles Links to Articles Tutorial
Link to Films on Demand videos


Security changes in the latest web browser versions no longer allow videos to be embedded in Blackboard.

To embed a link into Blackboard do the following: (being edited 11-11-13)

  1. Find the video you wish to share with your students.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the video page.
  3. Copy the "Title URL"
  4. In Blackboard, type in the title of the video you wish your students to watch.
  5. Highlight the video title then click on the Link icon in the toolbar.
  6. Paste the copied link into the "Link Path" box
  7. Set "Target" drop-down box to "Open in New Window (_blank)"
  8. Click update
  9. Save your page
We'll soon make a video of this process!